Carla Priest, R.N., M.S.N., lecturer and educator, is the owner of Sunlight Wellness. Since her early twenties, Carla has been involved with nursing and the healing arts. An extensive academic education earned her a Registered Nursing degree and a Masters of Science, a Health Officer license and a Nursing Home Administrator's License. She served as Director of Public Health in Bedford, Mass. for twelve years, as Assistant Professor of Graduate Nursing at Boston University for three years and has been head of the Gerontology Department at Cape Cod Community College from 1991 to 1994. Her interest in women's health care and aging has been ongoing throughout her life.

Since 1990, she has studied the Usui System of Natural Healing and the Men Chhö Rei Kei tradition and received her Reiki Mastership 2nd, 3rd and 4th Levels in Portland, Oregon in 1995-98. Currently she is continuing her studies as a nurse-herbalist.

Carla is in the finishing stages of her new book Rejoice Regardless: Healing Ourselves in Troublesome Times and anticipates publication in 2010.

Carla's practice is fully holistic. She holds advanced certification in Polarity Energy Balancing and, as a Reiki Master Teacher, has taught for Dana Farber Institute and other Boston and Cape Cod Hospitals. She has also offered programs at Interface, at LaSalete Retreat Center and at retreats in Jamaica and other countries.

Student, practitioner and teacher of health for all ages, Carla now uses these techniques as a health advocate to assist people in reclaiming their power, accessing and evaluating medical information, and ultimately, enabling true healing.

True healing requires the healing of the five "bodies:". The spiritual body; the mental body; the emotional body; the etheric body and the physical body. Carla uses a variety of techniques and therapies to bring these parts of her clients into balance. In recognition of this profound truth, we acknowledge the very essence of our birthright --- to be full of vitality, peace, love and joy, in tune with ourselves and in harmony with those around us and with our environment.