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Reiki Certification Programs

Reiki First Degree aligns you to Reiki for life. There is one attunement which gives you the ability to radiate Reiki from your hands for use on yourself, your friends, partners, pets and plants.

Reiki First Degree is taught at Nauset Middle School in Orleans

Reiki Second Degree introduces the Reiki symbols or energy patterns. You will discover how to use them to potentiate your Reiki, to send Reiki and to promote harmony, intuition and personal growth in your life.

Reiki Second Degree is taught in Harwich at Carla's treatment facility.

Reiki Third Degree is taught as part of Mastership Training to selected Second Degree practitioners.

Prior to taking Mastership training, an interview is scheduled in Harwich.

Reiki Mastership is a 6-7 month course, run one-on-one or with committed couples.

Pricing: Reiki I - please inquire with Nauset Workshops in Orleans

Reiki II - $175

Mastership (includes Reiki III) - $200/per class, six classes, paid as the student progresses (monthly)

* a fifty dollar deposit is required for either Reiki II or III. Checks can be made out to Carla Priest or Sunlight Wellness. If you have questions, please click here to contact us by email or click on our Contact Info link below for our street address & phone