Healing Coaching








               Healing Coaching

    Healing coaching is based upon the idea that we can and must heal our whole  lives, whether we are cured or not. In the culture of "quick fixes", we can be cured but not healed.

    Together we design a personal health plan to foster your healing.
Carla works with your doctors and other team members to enhance your wholeness.

     Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. wrote in  her book Grandfather's Blessings,

"When we serve, we see the unborn wholeness in others: we collaborate with it and strengthen it. Others may then be able to see their wholeness for themselves for the first time."

     I let my own individuality interact with the individuality of each client. Following the energy of the moment, we unravel the mystery of healing together.

     A "session" lasts for 90 minutes and costs $80. The client does an intake assessment to begin with; both formally, in written response, and informally, in a give-and-take discussion.

     I help the client form an intention for their session before the client moves to the treatment room. The client is fully clothed except for the feet. I then tailor complementary techniques for each person. A treatment could include reflexology, polarity, Reiki, visualization, meditation and some acupressure and aromatherapy. At times I work with tonic and non-medicinal herbs, and flower essences.

    The above-mentioned modalities help people with chronic health issues such as cancer, multiple schlerosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or other dibilitating chronic diseases. Some clients seek help from depression and grief states.

    Through centering and relaxation, healing begins its beautiful process.



     Carla has run two-to-four day retreats, most recently, at LaSalette Retreat Center in Massachusetts. The topic was "Woman at the Well" Rest, restoration, rejuvenation and rejoicing were the outcome for 75 women.


Workshops & Lectures

      Most recently Carla presented at the Art of Dying Conference in New York City in 2002. This conference is sponsored by the Tibet house in New York City.


Client Testimonials

     “Carla is a very sincere, professional & caring healing coach who has brought me to a place in my life where I feel a deep sense of peace and safety. Carla draws on her extensive background in nursing, counseling and training in Reiki, plus her personal experience of learning to live for life. I cherish the role Carla has played in helping me focus, to enhance the healing power of my aggressive chemo treatments by taking the high road in my survival with cancer.”
        - Peter C. November, 64, client of four years

     “Working with Carla has helped me to understand the meaning of illness in my life and the loving path to whole health...her powerful, healing energy is a blessing and a gift. Love truly heals.”
         - Christine Rathbun, breast cancer survivor/advocate

    “Carla Priest creates a space of love for me to expand, so I can remember who I really am. Her touch is a whisper of the divine.”
         - Cathy Connelly, polarity/energy professional of 25 years